Thursday, December 14, 2006

Breathing at Last

YAY!! Last night at 8:35 I finally finished my last class of the semester. This one's been really tough for me - not that the school work was really harder academically, but everything seemed harder emotionally with Angela being gone and talking about violence every week (for one of my classes). I've learned a lot, had great conversations with people, and seen some good friends finish their seminary careers (but they'll come back to walk in the May ceremony with me). Right now all I can say is that it feels good to be done and know that I have a little bit of room to breathe. I'm going to see my mom and her new husband for Christmas this year and I leave on Tuesday, not coming back until a few days after Christmas, so it's a good long change of scenery.

I've noticed a bit of spam on the comments (no the porn stuff is not anything I put up there - not that I don't have friends who would do that to my blog for fun!) so I'm putting the "eye test" password function back on. Sorry for those of you who think it's a hassle, but I'd rather have you type in some characters than have to clean out my comments all the time. Anyway, hope you're all in the Christmas spirit. I have a few days to finish getting gifts together to mail out before I fly east. If you don't have ideas for some people, I'd like to suggest you check out some of the links on the right side of my blog - there's a lot of sites and organizations that have somegreat sutff. If you shop through the Hunger Site, you also feed the hungry when you shop and a lot of stuff is fair trade! Ok, that's the only bit of preaching I'm doing today. Maybe more later...


hipchickmamma said...

i hadn't considered posting porn links on friends' blogs. what a great idea! thanks! now i know how i'll be spending christmas eve, sending out special suprises!

have a great time out east! we'll certainly miss you the next few weeks or so!

can't wait to see you and angela in january! hooray!

Benny Hinn said...

Congrats on finishing for the semester. It is really a good feeling. Enjoy your holidays!