Sunday, November 25, 2007

And they're off!

It's Thanksgiving weekend, and now that the turkeys have been cooked and become an endless stream of leftovers, the Christmas shopping season is officially on. I don't know how many of you actually go out shopping this weekend, but I did. I have memories from when I was a kid of going to stores in the wee hours of the morning to be among to crowd at the door when the store opened, and somehow I feel a draw to the excitement of the crowds. I went to Target and Best Buy, arguably two of the crazier places to be on "Black Friday," but it wasn't about buying lots of great deals - it was just about browsing while I had the opportunity and chuckling at the madness going on around me. I get a kick out of it! Trouble and I got to just hang out and look at some of the fun things that have come out lately (like the Atari flashback - very fun to think back on old times playing those stupide games) and try to come up with ideas for good gifts for people. We try to watch the commercialism this time of year, and instead find gifts that mean something or are at least useful rather than just more knick knacks that people don't need.

I got the spend the day with Trouble and other friends, which was really nice. Last year at this time Trouble was overseas and I was having a hard time. I've always loved "the holiday season" but on your own it feels very different. I still had good friends around who made things much better (and I got to take part in their crazy family dinner - hee hee), but this year I was very thankful to have Trouble with me. We kept it quiet and didn't go overboard on the feast, but still had a fairly traditional American meal. It was just nice. And shopping on Black Friday seemed to fit in with that, as long as we kept things in check. We were only out for about an hour (while our dog was at the vet getting her latest check up on her cancer treatments), and then we spent the evening playing games with good friends. I was very satisfied and think it's because I got to do a little of everything - moderation is the key. :)


revhipchick said...

glad you had a great day. we enjoyed ours as well.

Trouble said...

oj simpson, still not a jew...

there is something warm and peaceful about having a 'normal' day at home on a holiday. this year i celebrated the bounty of my blessings just being with them: my wife, dog and cat, my new home (mess and all), heat inside when the weather is too cold, etc.