Saturday, July 19, 2008

Something Old, Something New

Well, today is my last day as an AmeriCorps member working for Habitat for Humanity Kansas City. Next week I'll begin my new job as "Special Projects Coordinator" (or something like that - the details are still being worked out). In trying to process how I feel, it's a mixed bag. I'm excited that I'm staying with Habitat - it's a great organization and we're on the brink of big things around here. Next year is our 30th Anniversary and plans are swirling all around. We're in talks with new sponsors (thank you 105.1 JACK FM!), possible partner organizations and even with the city of Kansas City to try to get things going on a bigger level. It could be huge and I feel blessed to be here now, while all of these things are getting ready to happen. At the same time though, it's not really a new job since I've been here the last 10 months, and I wonder if I could have grown more somewhere else. I only applied for one other job (since this one was pretty much in the bag) and wonder if maybe I didn't sell myself short.

I'm looking at the positives: I know the people here and already have an idea of how I fit into the organization. I know the volunteers and Board members (except the new ones), and have a general idea of what I'll be doing and the direction we're looking for things to go. I'll still be working with the volunteers, but I'll also be focusing on a few special programs - the Speaker's Bureau, Cans for Habitat (our recycling program that raises money) and Youth United (our youth program which is definitely my weakest area - I'm not entirely sure I have a good concept of what we want this to be). I'm sure there will be more, but like I said the details are still getting worked out. It's enough familiar that I'm not worried but enough new that I'm going to be challenged. I think it could be really great. Now we just have to sort things out and let everyone else in the office know what's going on. :)

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Stratoz said...

I hope you can relax into this decision... seems as if you are on your way.