Saturday, July 03, 2010

Independence Day flag t

Lots of things are swirling around my head today. I was on the news this week for work, which was a little nerve wracking but turned out fine. This weekend is a holiday and is also the first Sunday withour new pastor at Trinity UMC. In the Methodist church we move pastors around on a fairly regular basis (unless you're someone special like the founding pastor of a very successful mega-church), and a lot of people are bothered by it - pastors and congregation members alike. Of course, this isn't something that we do for no reason. Itinerancy has some benefits and though behind it. For one, congregations get to change out the bad pastors as well as the good ones. It means that we learn what we can from one another in the time that we have and then we get the chance to learn new things and new ways from someone else. It also means that congregations don't (or shouldn't) become too dependend on their pastor - since the pastor changes every 5 years or so, the congregation is the consistent piece, the character of the church.

This holiday is always an interesting one for me - watching people walk around in their $5 flag tee shirts, waving flags and blowing up fireworks even if they are illegal. I love this country and the freedoms that it offers, but I've never felt the need to be obnoxious about it or wear tacky clothes to prove it. It does make for some great people watching though. Tomorrow I'll be heading into Overland Park, KS to watch the crowds and fireworks. It's my first time to do something out there - I've been staying on the Missouri side of the state line typically. Should be a great time to observe people and classic Americana. Have a happy and safe weekend! Sorry this is so scattered.

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