Sunday, May 21, 2006

"The devil made me do it."

I thought this was an interesting picture. I found this whole website with various church signs that caught people's attention. Some of them are funny, but others, like this one, just scare me. I don't understand why we have this idea of a character who comes and takes away our ability to live in right relationship with God. Why do we need to blame something external from ourselves? Not that I want everyone feeling guilty all the time either, but shouldn't there be something in between? There's something between "The devil made me do it." and complete human depravity, but how do you express it and explain it?
At this website, you can also make your own sign message, which is interesting and got me thinking about what I would put if I had that job. Unfortunately, I think it's really difficult to put good theology in a soundbite or slogan. What do you think? What would you put on a church sign?

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Trouble said...

i would probably say something like:

"please don't bring kfc to the potluck"


"we know our pews aren't as comfy as your bed. make a choice and deal with it"