Monday, May 29, 2006

My KC Star Debut - for real!

Well, the article wasn't in the Saturday paper as I was told it would be - or the Sunday paper. But it made it in today!!! Here's the link. I was a little scared about what I might have said and how it might have been used. As it turns out, I'm only quoted once, but it was a pretty good (although grammatically bad) comment. It's even the closing line!! Whew - a sense of relief, and yes, pride. I even managed to get the seminary name and group name both mentioned. I hope nobody at SPST minds. :)

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Trouble said...

so you're a front pager, are you? i expect this is the beginning of a lot more people looking to you for comment and guidance. who knew that love and compassion could be so grounded in reason and sanity?