Friday, June 16, 2006

Lightening Up

My last post was really long, and probably too much information. My apologies to those of you snoring at your keyboards. Here's something a little more fun - and interesting since my name is already Italian. My new name is nothing like my "old" one.

Your Italian Name Is...
Brunella Russo

I wonder why Italian was the ethnicity of name they wanted to go with? I personally would rather know what my Indian name would be, or Arabic, or Native American. But then, I grew up in an Italian family. What ethnicity are you? What ethnic background would you choose if you could?


Trouble said...

my name is bianca marino. i like it! i'm glad you are my " que bella brunella"

if i wasn't american indian/white girl, i think i might like to be japanese. i who i would want to be if i was japanese.

Big Unit said...

I am Lorenzo Esposito

hipchickmamma said...

trouble--i don't know about a japanese name but you can find your japanese subculture on the same quiz site!