Saturday, June 17, 2006

A Man of God Speaks

Robinson did not gloss over the differences between different groupswithin the Episcopal Church and some of its 'partners in mission'saying that it was not surprising to him that (for example) ArchbishopPeter Akinola of the Church of Nigeria did not know any faithful, gay,Christian folk because it is illegal to be homosexual in Nigeria andthere is legislation pending which will make it illegal for aheterosexual person in Nigeria to advocate on behalf of homosexuals.In the Episcopal Church, Robinson said, there is a differentperspective because 'we know these people'. He said he believed that'Peter Akinola is following his journey back to God as prayerfully andas faithfully as he can' and added, 'I am too.'

This is an excerpt from an article (titled "Jesus is the Gay Agenda") I got in an email newsletter. I was just so struck by the words Bishop Robinson had for the Nigerian Archbishop - would you be able to be that graceful and humble? I want to be, but I don't know...

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