Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Ft. Lauderdale pictures

Well, since these didn't make it into the previous post, here are some of our pics from Florida.

This was the sunrise on our first morning - we watched it all from our hotel room balcony!

This is the view of the hotel grounds from our balcony. It's a private beach for hotel guests with their own rentals for all kinds of beach equipment. We didn't try anything more adventurous (or expensive) than the boogie boards.

My Uncle Tony (my dad's older brother) "singing" at my grandmother's party. It was not pretty.

Photographic evidence of the cake tester's swipe from my grandmother's cake. I just don't believe some people!

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hipchickmamma said...

very cool sunset.

what a huge place you were at! ohmigosh! did you know all the beaches in or are public? but hotels certainly line up along them and some (like ours thankfully) had a lawn, not nearly as huge and no boogie boards for rent either. that would have been fabulous!

it sounds lovely. the ocean is always terribly awe-full.

ps...try downloading picasa to upload pics, it totally rocks!