Saturday, August 26, 2006

KS Flag Update

As many of you know, Trouble is leaving for the next 5 months, so I'm trying to spend the weekend as best as we can before the big D. Since she's in the middle of her own things right now, I'm taking a moment to fill you all in on an update from the Meade, KS situation. There was a little blurb in a local KC publication (not online unfortunately) that had a story about the rainbow flag from the bed and breakfast in Meade (see 2 posts ago) that had gotten stolen. Apparently a couple of school kids took the offending flag, but their parents made them confess and apologize and agree to replace it. Unfortunately, around the same time that the flag was stolen, a window was broken at the inn (a brick with the word "fag" on it was thrown through it). Nobody has confessed to that part of the crime and that's the one that costs the most money. "Proud to be an American" my butt. Right now I'm ready to move to Canada.


Jeffrey K. Drew said...

Well maybe the maker of the brick had the last name "fag" or they thought that the B&B might need an extra doorstop and as they made thier way up the front walk they tripped and it flew out of thier hand and..... ok maybe not. At least the ..."young persons" fessed up that is much more than many do.

Big Unit said...

Deaconess, that's absurb - moving to Canada. Why let a brick get you so upset? A few peoples actions hardly speak for a nation. Besides, where's the tolerance and love you preach about?

Be a proud American; you can share your religious, political, and life views openly and freely on the www or anywhere else you want.

oops, just opened a can of worms......

Andy B. said...

Right, Unit - it's just a brick.
It's just a sexist joke.
It's just a racist comment.
It's just a funeral protest.
It's just a burning cross.
No big deal, right?
Free country, right?

Big Unit said...

It's just the 10 commandments.
It's just in God we trust.
It's just one nation under God.

I didn't say it was right. Chill out. Bad things happen but one incident doesn't reflect the whole.

If it did; I would say that methodist ministers are boring, animatronic, snobby, people who can't preach if someone happens to get up to go to the bathroom. Who can't deviate from the letter that the head office sends down.

If it did; I would say that people who use a pic of Luke Skywalker as their photo are geeks, nerbs, still live with their mom, never had sex, and probably don't get out other than to go to the star wars convention.

So, should we say one incident reflects the whole?

mandyc said...

Unit, what is your deal today? and yesterday?

This isn't just one incident - it's a string of incidents for one particular guy who isn't even gay! Just hanging a rainbow flag got all of this crap started - imagine what these people might do to a gay person! You don't understand how luck you are to be able to walk down the street holding your wife's hand without anyone thinking twice about it. I don't have that luxury and I thought that as Trouble's friend you would have some empathy. And if we're going to go off on impressions that people make off of blogs and posts, what kind of impression do you think you're giving with this???

Big Unit said...

I do empathize but do you seriously think those things don't happen in Canada or anywhere else? From the first post I said "I TOTALLY agree that the town and those people are totally out of line. There is no excuse for them."

The point is that one incident shouldn't be made to pass judgement on the whole.

I'm not saying any of you would throw a brick through a window (but you have tp'ed my house) but

why is all right for some of you to hate conservatives, W, and/or America but it isn't all right for someone to hate gays? (and NO I don't hate gays)

hipchickmamma said...

wow...there is some heat in this kitchen! so why on earth am i stepping into it?

oh well, i'm already here.

how is it that questioning duh-yba or conservatism or our american government hate? it's not.

throwing a brick with the word fag on it is hate. the unbelieveable number of crimes committed against people simply because they love and/or have sex with someone of the same sex IS hate.

the brick is just a small piece of the hate. it's the piece that keeps certain people in their places. it's terrorism.

lbgtq people face this terrorism outside of the u.s.--you are right about that. however...i think it's fair to say that dumbya has waged war against same sex couples.

what's that annoying thing about free speech being ok as long as it doesn't incite others to harm? how is it tha a brick through a window is not interpreted as harm?

yes, i'm very disrespectful to our lame-ass prez. it doesn't mean i hate our country. saying i'm sick and tired of government policies and sometimes idealize other countries and indulge in some escapism from time to time does not mean that i hate my country either.

perhaps "us liberals" don't always practice what we preach. we are freaking human afterall. i think it's fair to say that one can only take so much bullying and bullshit before expressing some anger. at least mandy's expressions are not "inciteful" nor hateful.

Big Unit said...

Does anyone not read the whole post?

"Deaconess, that's absurb - moving to Canada. Why let a brick get you so upset? A few peoples actions hardly speak for a nation. Besides, where's the tolerance and love you preach about?

Be a proud American; you can share your religious, political, and life views openly and freely on the www or anywhere else you want."

What I said was - moving to Canada is not the answer. If you think that kind of stuff doesn't happen in Canada your crazy. And that you should be proud to be an American.

Andy B. said...

Dear Big Unit,
I don't care what you say, I am not a nerb. In fact, I don't even know what a nerb is.
May the force be with you,
Andy B.

Big Unit said...

Didn't say you were. I don't need the force, got God on my side.

Jeffrey K. Drew said...

I still say that the brick makers name was Fag and it was all just a huge accident.

OK lets assume that the same little whipper snappers threw the rock that stole the flag. If brick thrower ma and pa made little snapper apologize then maybe it was a case of the little brats being uneducated and being many times that what we don't know scares us, maybe it was a case of stupid little kids, instead of bad ma and pa, and maybe this happening will make the parents realize they have neglected to teach that there are many different kinds of people in the world.

Anonymous said...

isn't gay marriage ok in canada?

Big Unit said...

Yes, I believe it is.

Big Unit said...

Here's an interesting article encouraging gays to move to Canada because there are more rights afforded to them.

Here's another article Canada can't save you

Big Unit said...

Where is everyone? I love to have the last word..........