Friday, October 13, 2006

Rocky Mountain High

Last weekend I had a last minute trip to Denver, Colorado. My apologies for the lack of entries lately, but this was an important trip to support a friend who had a funeral to attend. Of course, bonus for me that while supporting a friend, I got to go to a place I'd never seen before, and I have to say that I REALLY like the Rocky Mountains. I'm not sure that I could choose them over the ocean, but let's just say that I truly appreciate the magnificence in many facets of God's great creation.

We were staying in a little suburb on the northwest side of Denver, so I didn't spend all of my time hanging out downtown or anything, but we did go to a fun bar with dueling pianos which was a lot of fun, and then we left ourselves one day to drive to Boulder and up to Estes Park. I was very excited to be in the mountains and we actually wentup to the entrance of Rocky Mountain National Park but didn't want to pay $20 just to drive through a little part of it in the one hour or so that we had. I know I'm going to have to plan a much longer trip back to the park for some serious camping and hiking. I did manage to get some great postcards to mail to the desert and a new sweatshirt for myself (I needed it with the changes in weather we experienced while we were there - 80's one day and 40's the next!), and took quite a few pictures.
Anyone up for a road trip???

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Kim in KCK said...

We're planning a ski trip over spring reading week. For once the kids have the same week of break as I do! Never happens, so I told hubby that he was taking it too. We love the mountains!