Monday, October 23, 2006

Wedding Weekend

This last weekend my mom got married. I had no idea what to feel about the whole thing other than being nervous since I was going to be the Matron of Honor AND be singing in the service. I haven't sung for real in about 10 years (changed my major in my junior year of college and never looked back) and my mom's new husband was a semi-professional singer around the Boston area so he was going to notice when my breathing was off. I was too busy with school stuff to really be able to practice and get back into shape the way I wanted to, so I was worried. I didn't need to be.

The song went fin, but my mom and her groom, Rob, were both so happy just to be there getting married to each other, I'm not sure how much they noticed about what went on around them. :) They were very cute, smiling constantly and all that typical newlywed glowing stuff. The wedding itself was very formal, my mom in a hat, gloves and a long ivory gown. Rob was in tails and I wore a floor length strapless red gown, also with gloves. I don't dress up a lot, so it was kind of fun! Plus the wedding was in Connecticut so I got to see New England's fall colors and they did not disappoint. Everything was beautiful and it seemed like everyone had a good time - there was dinner, dancing, open bar and a live band at the reception. Very fun. And while it was strange to hear people talking about my dad at times, all in all I think it's very cool that my mom gets to have a second chance at marriage and love.

I know more and more people are having multiple marriages, but my parents always believed marriage was forever. When my dad died, my mom was lost in many ways. At one point I was worried about her taking her own life, and she seemed too afraid to do anything to move on. Seeing her this happy was something I never dreamed was possible, let alone probable. Way to go, Mom. And many thanks to Rob for showing her what is possible and that it's never too late.... May you take care of each other and make each other happy for many, many years.


rae's space said...

powerful. i'm really glad you could be there with and for your mom.

Kim in KCK said...

Way cool! Cangrats to your mom and Rob.