Saturday, October 06, 2007


I have been waiting for the release of "Across the Universe" - a new movie directed and choreographed by Julie Taymor with an all Beatles music soundtrack. It came out in limited release a few weeks ago and I still can't find it anywhere in the Kansas City area! I've been to the movie website and Yahoo!Movies and can't even determine if it ever will be playing at a theater in this area, but to my chagrin, it's playing where my brother lives (in NJ), where my mom lives (Rhode Island) and even in Oklahoma City! (No offense to OKC or my peeps who live there - I just can't believe you have it and we don't!) If anybody can tell me where I might be able to go and see this, I would be SO grateful!


revhipchick said...

it sounds like you need to take a trip! i hope you do find it here though.

Wayne Stratz said...

good luck with the movie.. as for where the flowers are, they are where they always were... in seeds just waiting to come alive.