Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Leap for Leap Year

I don't know why but I love Leap Year - there's something very cool about having an extra day in the year! Now I don't know how they came up with putting this day in February (let's face it, 29 days still doesn't make it even with the other months throughout the year) rather than say, June, when we have the sunlight and fabulous weather to truly take advantage of it, but it's still cool. And I guess the fact that it's on a Friday this year is something worth celebrating - I've heard of a couple of businesses offering Leap year parties and special events around town. I don't know if it's really that big a deal or if it's just another reason for a bar to host a party and bring in more people, but I kind of like the idea of celebrating something that isn't a Hallmark holiday. Or maybe this is being viewed as a warm up for St. Patrick's Day (which is a pretty big deal here in Kansas City, MO). I'm probably not going to actually celebrate Leap year with anything special. Fridays are still in the middle of my work week after all. But I think it's a fun idea. HAPPY LEAP YEAR - I hope you get to do something grand with your extra day this year. :)


Big Unit said...

Leap year and ground hogs day are two of my favorite days.

Kim in KCK said...

And does that mean Lent has 41 days this year? Scary!