Friday, February 01, 2008

Who does the tax rebate benefit?

There's been a lot of talk lately about the economy and ways that the govt. is working to stimulate us out of a possible recession. I'm not an economics expert by any means, but I can't help wondering exactly how this rebate thing is supposed to help in the long run. I know that I have credit card debt (from buying a new house and Christmas) that I need to pay off and when I get my rebate check, that's where it will be going. How does that help the economy? The credit card company isn't racking up more interest and I didn't spend that money on more crap I don't need from WalMart (not that I EVER shop at WalMart if I can help it). I know most people are probably going to use that money like they do their tax refunds - go buy that big screen tv they've been eyeing or go out to that new restaurant that's been getting so much attention or whatever, but I can't help wondering if that's the best thing to do with it.

I've really been trying to apply a theory of moderation to lots of things in my life - eating in moderation, tv in moderation, etc. and spending is one of those big areas where I know there's room for impovement. I found a website on Simple Living that I really like. It talks about the idea that we can all get by on less than we think we can and how it's responsible (to the environment and to each other) to not buy everything we're told we should have. I think it's great concept but one that isn't easy to live out. They have books they recommend reading, local groups that meet, shopping practices, etc. They also have a particular campaign right now - Don't Buy It - about the ways in which your rebate can be used in ways that are beneficial but not what the government is banking on. If we all continue to go out and buy that SUV, big screen tv, and the latest DVD's, sooner or later we run out of money, space and natural resources. There has to be a limit to our voracious consumption, and that limit could be our own fatality.


Big Unit said...

Nice post! I am starting to see how my WANTS are now affecting my NEEDS negatively. I am learning to survive w/out most of my wants.

But I still want to win the lottery and get a Big Unit sized truck! ; )

Big Unit said...

where are all your posters?