Thursday, September 07, 2006

Checking in...

I didn't want anyone to think I went away or anything. The fact that Big Unit has the last comment on the previous post has not gone unnoticed. :) With the school year starting up again, my partner leaving the country, allergies and a killer cold, and the upcoming wedding of my mother (in October) things have been a little hectic. Of course, life is often hectic so I'm putting in this brief word to let you all know that I'm ok and to remind each of us to take the time we need for ourselves and those things that are most important to us. If I happen to be home in the afternoon, I like to watch the Ellen DeGeneres show and she's been doing something really neat for the kickoff of her 4th season. She has this thing called a Lifelist - things that people want to do before they die. Why do we wait until we think death may be near? What things would you put on your life list? I'll have to think some more but off the top of my head - parasailing and travelling to Jerusalem and the Great Pyramids. Can't wait to see what else you guys come up with...


Big Unit said...

See the Tour de France (wish I could see Lance in it)

Bike tour Tuscany

Travel all over the US

Ride the Katy trail

Trek at Philmont (huge Scout ranch in NM)

Dig for diamonds in Arkansas

Rachael said...

I want to tour Europe and go on a cruice ang see a show on Broadway.

Rachael said...

uhhh...that would have said 'cruise', but the cat was helping me type...hehehe

hipchickmamma said...

go to mexico in the winter to see the monarchs hibernating--actually i'd love to follow them through their migration. that would be awsome!

whale watching--maybe even some upclose in one of those little boats.

i can't remember where it is but somewhere hermit crabs take over a city when they go to lay eggs (i think that's it, it's been a while since we saw a show about animal migration at the imax).

no, i won't be swimming with sting rays...although i met a very nice one in san francisco!

oh, take each of my daughters (individually) to nyc for a week when they are 13 or so. see a show, go to the museums, go to the main branch of the nyc library (i'm a nerd!) and yes, shop!

write a fantastic novel and get it published and of course win some awards ;)

goodness, i need to get cleaning for the in-laws so i better stop but i could go on. maybe i'll kill some time later making a list to post on my blog later. thanks for the fun mandy!

Kim in KCK said...

Ride in a hot-air balloon.
Actually looked into once upon a time, but I'm too damn cheap, uhhh, frugal. I couldn't justify $120. I figured the champagne couldn't be THAT good.

Visit Australia.

Visit Ireland and spend a night in a castle.

Visit Italy and see my husband's family homesite from 4-5 generations back in person.

I'm sure there are more....