Friday, April 06, 2007

Good Friday and Easter thinklings

Nothing too long today - just some brief thoughts (or thinklings as I've decided to call them today).

**I'm currently over at hipchick's house assisting 7 children with a mass quantity of Easter eggs. It's funny - I never had this many kids at my house at one time and I'm really impressed with how well things are handled in general. I'm a person who likes control and order - and this is not it!! Way to go, my friend! I'm glad you are the mom here! :)

**Easter morning is supposed to be freezing cold here in KC - like record setting lows of around 22 Easter morning!! Trouble was asked to play her guitar and lead music for a sunrise Easter service by a friend of ours, and she agreed, but we didn't know it was going to be that cold. What does one wear that is both "Eastery" and warm?!?

** Tonight is Good Friday and I know a lot of people have church services this evening. I used to always go but find it hard to find the desire to go this year and I'm not sure why. I have a hard time every Easter with questioning my theology and if I'm really a Christian. I just can't do all of this "blood" stuff. Why do we have to focus on the violence? Why do we get sucked in to movies like the Passion that show all of the gory details? Is that really the point?

**Easter is the heart of the matter regarding Christianity, and thus is my dilemma. Several books I've been assigned to read this semester talk about the ways the world is changing from modern to postmodern thinking. Modern thinking is born of the enlightenment, the age of scientific "proof", universal truths and reason. Postmodern thinking is based on experience, there are no universals and it doesn't require logic - there's room for mystery. Easter is perhaps the biggest mystery I know - and I've always had a hard time with understanding the resurrection. I say that I believe God can do anything, but I've never seen anyone else rise from the dead so I have my doubts based on science. Where do you stand? Do you consider yourself more of a modern or postmodern thinker?

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