Friday, April 27, 2007


My nephew was born this morning at 8:04 am - 19 inches long, 6 lbs, 10 oz and absolutely beautiful.

I have never been a baby fan - I'm scared I'll drop them or that they'll throw up on me or something... I've also never understood why people fawn all over them, talking about hos cute they are. Let's face it - newborns are often pruny, gunky, alien-type creatures. They get cute later (at least some of them), but not generally when they are brand new. Well, this time it's different.

I don't know if it's just because we're related, but I honestly think Asher (what a great name) is the cutest newborn I've seen - really the only one I've ever thought was cute. If it is just because we're related, what a shame that I've never been able to appreciate the other babies I've seen! If it's not about being related, why on earth is this one just so darn precious?

This is the first grandchild on either side of the family so Asher is well on his way to being the most spoiled child. :) Aunt Mandy and Aunt Trouble are doing their part to help the process for sure! I can't wait to get to babysit - and I NEVER thought I would think that. It's not even my child and I'm already feeling changed....

What's that?? When am I going to have my own? Don't Trouble and I want to have that parent experience?? Well, I go back and forth for a variety of reasons, but mostly I think it costs too much money and there are too many legal blocks to that happening for us anytime soon. The state of Missouri isn't too keen on "people like us" being foster parents or adopting. Adoption may someday be a viable option, but it would help if I got a job first to save up the money that would cost (never mind the cost of taking care of the child once we got it). So until then, I will dwell in the joy of being "Aunt Mandy" and knowing that when there is a temper tantrum or really gross illness, I can send him back to his parents. I love you guys!!


hipchickmamma said...

congratulations on your new nephew!

good luck in the struggle and new thoughts running through your head about having a child of your own.

it doesn't have to be that complicated--don't you just need a turkey baster and some semen?;>)

i look forward to seeing the changes of "aunt mandy." given that asher is a boy--we won't be able to offer any advice. last weekend we almost called my sister to find out what to do with our nephew's penis during diaper changes. it was a first for both of us!

Big Unit said...

I too was going to mention the turkey baster. You could just bring a man in though.

As for money and being ready, most people will never "be ready" or have "enough money"; you just do it with what you've got and love them no matter what!

mandyc said...

While the turkey baster approach MAY work, it's not easy to figure out who the sperm donor would be - "uh, excuse me, would you mind filling this cup so we can get pregnant?" We have good friends, but this would be a REALLY good friend....

I have a lot of issues to work out to even figure out if motherhood is something I want for myself or if it's something other people really want for me.