Friday, April 20, 2007

Weird is the new normal...

Well, it's been a crazy week on several fronts so I've been away from blogs. I didn't really know what I could say about all of the things on the news and the emotions that I was sorting through (I can't believe it's already been 12 years since the Murrah building was bombed!) so I was glad to see that hipchick tagged me and gave me something fun to blog!! I'm all for some comic relief!

I'm supposed to list 6 things that make me weird, so here goes...

1. I LOVE musicals and have dreamt of playing more female musical roles than I care to admit...

2. I can (and OFTEN do) rewrite lyrics of a song to fit a particular situation.
For example, "Sushi with green tea and orange flavored candy, playing guitar and a girlfriend named Mandy, beagles and hiking and good rock climbing - these are some of Trouble's favorite things..." (adapted from Sound of Music - I could go on and on...)

3. I absolutely love seminary, reading theology and having deep discussions about religion

4. I can't stand to have anything too tight on my neck, including turtlenecks or new tshirts that haven't been appropriately stretched out (I think maybe I was strangled in a past life).

5. I sleep with one foot hanging out of the covers or I get too hot.

6. I don't like to drink soda or beer, which really leaves coffee as my only social drink...

And now I tag Unit (if he can get his blogger name working) and Rachel!


Big Unit said...

I am honored, thank you. I will give it some thought and get back to you.


Big Unit said...

I had to reregister but I am up and running now.

Big Unit said...

1. I dress for comfort; if I look a little weird and people laugh I don’t care. I do want my clothes clean and neat.
2. All my good friends and my wife are pretty much opposite me politically and religiously.
3. I make up songs. Here’s a long standing one from work: “beautiful flowers make me feel fine”
4. I weighed 5 lbs when I was born; I am 50x’s that now.
5. I have 8 snakes in my office. I could have more but 8 is enough.
6. My knee costs more than my first house and any car I will ever have.
Bonus: 7. I have to have the covers tucked under my feet because of a dream I had when I was a kid. An evil station wagon came up stairs to my room and someone reached from under the bed grabbing my feet.
8. I have kicked a hole in my wall and punched my wife in the eye while I was asleep.

mandyc said...

you're such an over achiever - but thanks for playing along! :)

mandyc said...

I just wanted to point out that Rachel did play along as well. You can see her answers on her blog (the link is in my original message, if you click on her name).

hipchickmamma said...

yikes! b.u.--you punched her in the eye, asleep? eek!

mandy--while i think the song thing is pretty darn cool, that whole musical thing? yikes! but does that really count as weird? i guess it's weird because it makes you sound more like a stereotypical gay male than a bi-sexual woman!