Friday, June 22, 2007

Job update

Some people have been wondering how the job search going, so this is a brief update. I did 2 personal interviews last week and one over the phone with a regional office. Of the three interviews, the phone interview led to a now scheduled personal interview to be held next Tuesday. The job that I really want has told me they're likely going to hire me but don't know which position they'll put me in (there were two options and I'd love either one). I know they were interviewing other people and the supervisor is on vacation this week, so it will be next week when I hear back from them. The other job offered me the spot less than 24 hours after my interview. There are some really great things about this positionand some red flags about it - I told them I still have another interview but thanked them for the offer and that I'd think about it. It wasn't what they wanted to hear and I don't want to burn any bridges. If the other job doesn't happen, I would take it gladly.

I'm trying not to get cocky about it, but think it's interesting that it looks like the jobs where I interview are offering me positions. Granted, these are AmeriCorps positions (which means there are always more jobs to do than people to fill them, and the pay is a minimal living stipend) but it's nice to be wanted! It also reinforces my feeling that I do really well with people in person - it's just getting to the point where they'll talk to me in person. I have been trying to interview with a job in Minneapolis for months, but everything up to this point has only been done via email and they aren't showing any signs of wanting to talk with me. I don't want to move away from KC right now anyway, but it would be nice to hear something! Anyway, that's where things stand at the moment and I'm reveling in feeling wanted. :) What's new with you??


Trouble said...

you have to hold out for the one you really want. no regrets.

hipchickmamma said...

listen to trouble--she definately knows what she is talking about!

Mrs. M said...

Hey, mandyc,

About those red flags-- listen to your gut!!! I've taken jobs that looked like a good thing, but there was something that set off internal alarms at the interviews. In both case, I would have been better off never taking the job. Trust yourself.