Thursday, June 14, 2007

Tagged again...

From Hipchickmamma: Be careful you never know who might be next! The game is to post 8 random facts and then tag 8 other bloggers--leaving them a comment to let them know.
Here goes:

1. I was never in the same school for two years in a row until I was in 7th grade.

2. I've lived in 13 different cities in 7 different states throughout my life, and for several months lived on the Caribbean island of Aruba. While we lived there, the island was part of the Netherlands and the Dutch Queen visited. We stood along the parade route to see her - my only brush with royalty.

3. I have no known food allergies but there are many foods that I don't like to eat; the strangest and most pervasive of these is vinegar (unless it's balsamic).

4. I've been in my current relationship for 10 years (ceremony almost 8 years ago) - which is longer than I ever thought I'd ever be able to stand being around one person. :)

5. I started college as a vocal music major, and changed degree programs in the middle of my junior year to become a religion major. (I don't recommend waiting that long to change programs.) Ironically, I started singing in jr high school and made it somewhat of a career in the church while I was in high school. I was a cantor for Sunday mass and regularly sang for weddings. Sometimes I miss that aspect of it...

6. I have family members that live in Florida, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Colorado, Germany, Michigan, Texas, Oklahoma and Missouri. Whew! No wonder I don't see most of them very often...

7. I am the second person in my extended family to receive a Masters degree. First was my cousin Tina.

8. I spent one summer living in Chinatown, San Francisco. It was one of the most unique, educational and wonderful experiences of my life. I lived in a women's residence that existed in the upper 4 floors of the building, and worked at the school/resource center in the bottom 2 floors of the building. My job was to teach summer school to Asian immigrant children 1st-6th grade (music to the 1-4th grades and computers to the older kids who were too cool for music classes).

9. I have a small tatoo on my left ankle of a cross with a treble clef superimposed over it. It represents two of the most important things to my spiritual life and I got it when I came to Kansas City 10 years ago.

10. I am hopelessly addicted to musical theater soundtracks and 80's music. I know that this is sometimes an embarassment to people around me, but come karaoke time (which I enjoy immensely once I get past the initial insecurity) it is very handy!

Whew! Now that that's done, I tag Rachel, Big Unit, Tina, Mary, Donna, Andy, Mark, and Kelly. You can either post it on your blog (which is handy for those that you tag, and we'd like it if you linked to it in a comment) or just put it in comments here. :)


Big Unit said...

I have been thinking; I will play soon.


Big Unit said...

1. I have only had 1 indoor job in my life.

2. I hate the heat; you can dress for the cold but you can be naked and still be hot.

2. I'll put onions on my burgers but I won't buy a burger w/ onions put on by someone else.

3. Grade school (1-6) was 1 block away from home, Jr Hi & Hi school were 3 blocks away. Only 7th grade was farther, about a mile.

4. When I was twelve I traveled from Coffeyville, KS to Spokane, WA (around 3,600 miles) mostly in the back of a pickup that had a camper shell on it. There was indoor/outdoor carpet on the floor and a shelf w/ a matteress on it. No seatbelt, no a/c, no nothing. What a great trip.

5. My family swears they are Native American but the geneology proves otherwise. Our Rainwater name is English not Indian.

6. I have riden a bull, not a full size rodeo bull - about 1/2 that size but it was enough to throw me a ways. Rode it about 6 times, boy was I sore the next day.

7. I have an artificial knee. Bad side is that I get searched EVERY time I go to the airport now. The days of showing a card from your doctor are over.

8. I love cooking in cast iron; skillets, dutch ovens, grills. Especially outdoors.

Mary said...

I wasn't for sure this was me, but since no other Mary stepped up and I didn't want Big Unit to be all alone ....

1. The best job location I've ever worked was Yellowstone National Park for a summer in college. We would make up signs reading things like "ax murderer-park employee" and stand on the side of the road hitch-hiking.

2. The friend I've had the longest went to pre-school with me.

3. Every time I've been called for jury duty I've been picked- one death penalty case (couldn't morally do that one again), one first degree murder and one kid that stole all his Grandma's money.

4. I'm a second generation American on my Mom's side so I grew up immersed in the stories of sacrifice and dreams in coming to the US. Something I wish everyone could experience.

5. I've been trying to be a mom for about a year now. Keep your fingers crossed.

6. I've done just about everything you can do on the back of a horse- can chasing, western pleasure, trail riding, English pleasure, jumping, dressage, broken arm, concussion......

7. According to my mother, my first word was 'squirrel'.

8. I am such a terrible snow skier that my last attempt at a blue run resulted in an out of control crash where, as I was being propelled across the mountain at an increasing rate of speed, defying any known laws of physics, a total stranger jumped on me cause I was headed off the cliff- literally. He said he was afraid the orange fence wasn't going to stop me :-)

rachel said...

I posted mine.

politics is keeping me soo busy these days...i forget about e-mail and such.