Monday, April 09, 2007

What's up??

Nobody has posted any comments to my lat three posts - and I even used pictures! Am I too serious? Too intellectual? Too high in my expectations that people are actually reading my blog?
Well, I'm moving on to something else, whether anyone reads it or not, because, let's face it, blogging is much more about the blogger than the blog reader.

I had Easter dinner yesterday with a group of people from school, and it was later pointed out to me that we talked about 85% of the time about things from school. Now, not everyone was in seminary, and in fact while our hostess is a fellow student, nobody else in her household of 5 was from Saint Paul. I guess at one point, our conversations about school stuff got on several people's nerves and I know this isn't the first time I've been involved in such a situation. I also know how it feels from the other side, such as when I go out with Trouble and some of her coworkers and much of the conversation is about their workplace. Why do we do this?? Is it that we don't have anything else to talk about? Are we just that self absorbed that we don't pay attention to that fact that others are bored or annoyed?

In my case, I think I actually am that self absorbed that I don't notice the feelings of other people in the room who aren't involved in the conversation. This is one of my big faults. I tend to overlook those who don't speak up (being a talker myself), which results in their perspective (of whatever the case may be) getting run over by my own. And I also admit that I probably come off in such a way that they wouldn't feel weclome to do so. So how do I change that? Being self aware is part of it - but perhaps only the first step, and a small one at that. I am committed to the idea that there are lots of people who get shut out that need to be invited to the table, but that includes me taking a good look in the mirror and working on those things within myself...


Big Unit said...

To get others involved you have to ask them questions about them or their interests. It is way too easy to talk about the common interests of the majority of the people. What I find myself doing a lot is rehashing the same stories from the past over and over with the same friends. I am not very good at conversation. I am not as articulate as you, Trouble, and the Con Fighter.

Anonymous said...

Big Unit- you hold your own in this forum. If verbal conversation isn't your thing, then I say blog more- your a hoot on here :))))