Friday, March 09, 2007

Friday Five: Matters of Taste

Songbird wrote: My mother loved figs.
I only like them in a Newton.
It's all a matter of taste.

Name five things you like a lot that some close relative or significant other did/does not like. This could be food, movies, hobbies, music, sports or whatever springs to mind.

1. Chocolate (or really desserts in general), I absolutely love and sometimes crave like crazy, but Trouble can pretty much take 'em or leave 'em. Carb addicts shouldn't be married to other carb addicts, I guess, 'cause we'd all be eating horribly (and probably diabetic)! :)

2. Seafood (particularly fish and shrimp) are common fare in our house (especially since Trouble doesn't do meat) but we have good friends who don't eat anything from the ocean. We like to have dinner together but it has to get creative to find things that suit the meat-and-potato crowd as well as the vegetarian.

3. SUSHI!! I'm guessing this is just one of those things - you either love it or hate it. I admit I was skeptical about eating sushi at first, but Trouble talked me into trying some (my choice on what we ordered that day). I don't eat the raw fish stuff, but I love all different kinds of rolls (especially the unagi/eel and the eel sauce). We have some friends who go along but SO many of them will not. :(

4. Seminary - there is just something about the books, conversations, concepts, theories, etc that I soak in. Trouble is a great thinker and conversationalist but she feels in over her head (and I totally get that - this is why pastors talk very differently in seminary than they do in their churches) when I get going on particulars (like epistemology, which is one of my favorites).

5. Cats - I'm definitely a cat person; I grew up with two cats and just speak their language. Trouble grew up with dogs and is totally a dog person. We have one of each, but Dakotah is clearly Trouble's dog (beagle) and Kai was my gift from Trouble several years ago before she left for several months. What's been very interesting to watch over the years is how the dog and cat relate to each other - I swear they teach each other very weird stuff!! Does anyone else have a cat who like to make a den in the bed covers??


Songbird said...

Yes, I have a cat like that!

Hedwyg said...

It is very cool to see such different animals relating to each other and getting along together. Our tuxedo kitty still barely tolerates our Aussie - after almost 4 years - because the Aussie keeps trying to herd her around. As you can imagine, most kitties don't really appreciate being herded, hence the expression!

Sally said...

I love cats, and am enjoying seminary, as for sea-food love it- and I too am a foodie!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm a dog person, but I like other people's cats (for some reason, they seem to like me, too)!

hipchickmamma said...

interesting play miss mandy!

it kills me that trouble feels in over her head--i swear that she's way more intelligent than most folks at seminary!