Saturday, March 03, 2007

RevGal Friday Five: Artsy Crafty

Some of you may have noticed that I joined the RevGal Blog Ring recently - thought it might be fun to link up with some of the fabulous women (and friends) who are out there facing some similar struggles and joys! That said, here's my first Friday Five (a day late while I procrastinate on papers) - and please feel free to share some of your own answers in the comments.

1. Would you call yourself "creative"? Why or why not?
not really - i want to be, but feel like it takes a lot of effort and just doesn't come naturally. i think that's part of why i left music....

2. Share a creative or artistic pursuit you currently do that you'd like to develop further.
sadly, i don't think i really have any creative pursuits. i do enjoy taking pictures and have always wanted to take a photography class to learn the proper way to do it, but am not about to give up my automatic, digital camera.

3. Share a creative or artistic pursuit you have never done but would like to try.
stained glass - i've heard it's very time consuming, expensive and tricky but the results are so beautiful!!

4. Complete this sentence: "I am in awe of people who can _____________."
write music, especially if they play an instrument and sing at the same time.

5. Share about a person who has encouraged your creativity, who has "called you to your best self." (I'm pretty sure that's from the Gospel of Oprah.)
Well, the obvious answer would be my partner (who uses the alias "Trouble" in the blogosphere) - her creativity and willingness to encourage me and help me be a better person is one of the biggest things that drew me to her and continues to keep me in love. SAPPY, I know. :) I honestly believe though that she helps me be the person I was created by God to be.


mid-life rookie said...

I so get that creativity takes a lot of effort and doesn't come naturally. Gifts are supposed to give us energy, not draw it off.

By the way I graduate in May 2007 too!

mandyc said...

Welcome to Q&R and congratulations on the upcoming graduation!!

hipchickmamma said...

beautiful! specifically the part about trouble helping you to become the person God created you to be. the two of you are inspiring, seriously! i'm so glad trouble is home. just thinking of you and trouble make me smile!

Sally said...

great post- and welcome to revgals!

Melissa said...

Oooooh - that's a great #3!

Welcome to the RevGalRing! :-)