Thursday, March 01, 2007

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For the beginning of Lent, my pastor was talking about this being a season in the Church when we are asked to really contemplate the quality of our relationship with God. In my background as a Catholic, this is a little different for me - I'm used to Lent being a time to contemplate how sinful we are, all the of the ways in which we "are the ones who kill Jesus." I don't really see Lent than way anymore, although I think a healthy dose of reality when it comes to looking at ourselves is a good thing.

Anyway, I don't know if this was because of something specific that my pastor said or if it's just how my crazy brain works, but I totally got this picture of a couple in marriage counseling. There's me and God sitting in the pastor's office, trying to work on our relationship, bettering our communication and finding ways to show our feelings in ways that will be better appreciated by the other. Can you see it?
God: She just doesn't seem to understand what I need from her. I feel like I'm totally taken for granted.
Me: It's not that I take you for granted, it's just that I'm so busy with so many other things... I know you're always going to be there.
Pastor: God, what is it specifically you'd like to see Mandy do?
God: I just want her to take some time to talk with me and really listen to what I have to say in response. And maybe a date night every now and then.
Me: I try to listen, but sometimes you aren't very clear in what you're saying. And you're right, I do need to talk to you more often. We're nothing if we can't talk with each other honestly.

I highly doubt my pastor would be comfortable, and there are obvious issues here, but it does give a new twist to thinking about the way in which I relate with God. So, as heretical as it may be, I'm choosing to look at Lent this year as my own personal "counseling season" - and I bet there's going to be homework!

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hipchickmamma said...

i love this image! wonderful! which also reminds me that i picked up a joyce rupp book to start back on daily devotional time for my lent. thanks!